About US

Dibort FX is founded by a group of financial industry specialists with a common objective keeping in mind, to counter and mitigate client risks. With our strong clientele and a growing number of mutually profitable partnerships with key market players and broker, Dibort FX is rapidly emerging as a leader in the Forex industry. We truly understand the concerns such as of market unpredictability, security of funds & the issues that may arise for trading. Therefore, our goal is to rebuild traders’ confidence with clients’ perspective in mind to address the risks they face.

WHY Dibort FX

There are reasons why we are trader’s top choice for Forex Trading –

Client-focused principle

We preserve equal priority & reception to our all clients. Keeping our client’s need & equality in priority, all of our clients receive equal quality services, the identical execution, and the indistinguishable level of support.

Safer Trading

Facilitating our clients with a secure trading environment is our top priority. Client’s funds are always held in segregated accounts. We take our traders’ privacy seriously and keep all personal data safe within our secure database, and never share any trader information with third parties.

Fund Protection

When an account is opened with Dibort FX, we will hold your money in accordance with the guidelines set out through our Client Money Protection Policy. Under this policy, we deposit client’s money into a segregated client bank account, where it is segregated away from money used for daily operations.

Fair & Transparent

At Dibort FX, what you see is what actually you get, with no hidden terms. Nevertheless, the pricing, execution or promotions. We only speak of which is what we give our clients, regardless of the size of their investment.

Simple & Convenient

With a client-centric habitat in mind, all of our systems are built & updated in accordance with. Stretching from account opening procedure, to managing client’s account, depositing or withdrawing funds & finally trading, it’s all straightforward simple and easy to use for all our clients.

Our Policies

All client money is held in segregated bank accounts meeting the requirements and in accordance to most global regulators with regards to handling client money.

  • Dibort FX does not pass client money through to hedging counter-parties
  • Dibort FX does not initiate speculative positions in the market
  • Dibort FX does not participate in any form of investment in derivatives and sovereign debts
  • Dibort FX does not invest the money of clients.
  • Clients’ moneys are deposited with regulated liquidity providers or prime brokerages, where such companies will have deposit insurances mandated through their respective SDICs or FDICs that protect depositors in the event of a company wind up.
  • DIbort FX, if required for any purpose, uses the company’s own money to perform any form of hedging, it does not use clients’ money for such purpose.