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Trade the world’s largest financial instrument with our industry leading technology & liquidity. With 60+ pairs available, you are free to try your wildest strategies.

  • World’s largest and most liquid financial market
  • Markets open 24 hours a day
  • Markets are low cost
  • Market transparency offers an even playing field
  • Utilize the power of leverage


The contract for differences (CFDs) are contracts that are exchangeable between clients & a broker.  When trading a CFD, there is a price difference between the entry prices & close prices (current value & value at the end of the contract) of a certain instrument.
These can be CFD shares, indices, commodities, currencies, treasuries, precious metals, etc.

  • Go short or long.
  • Make capital go further with leverage
  • Trade a huge range of markets
  • Hedge a share portfolio


Major global indices are available for trade with Dibortfx. A fine way to execute leveraged trade in the world markets. Over 15 different indices to trade on MT5 with best trading conditions.

  • Realtime pricing, linked to actual market performance
  • No commission on any types of accounts
  • Potential to profit in both price direction
  • Competitive spreads & ultra-fast execution speed


Metals offer the finest addition to any portfolio. In these great modern times, fiat money is flying off the printing presses around the world at a record rate. Trading strategies in particular precious metals could be of interest to the practical trader.

  • No commission on any types of accounts.
  • Low order volume.
  • Super competitive spreads with ultra-fast execution speed
  • Simple trading through the MT5 platform

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